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Values in Action

Pei Chun Public School’s Values in Action (VIA) Policy is in line with the Pei Chun Character and Citizenship Education Framework (PCCCEF), which is conceptualised to fulfill the school’s vision, mission and values. It is our belief that VIA will contribute to character-building and the instilling of a strong sense of citizenship in the pupils. At the same time, pupils will also experience a stronger sense of the school values (courtesy, justice, honesty and honour) through interactions with the community they belong in.

This policy is crafted to guide the school in selecting suitable platforms for pupils to experience the joy of giving while developing strong sense of responsibility to the school, community and nation. It also guides the school in the selection of appropriate partners to work with in achieving the ultimate goal of educating pupils who are socially responsible.

Pei Chun VIA is a structured programme planned according to the pupils’ abilities to serve. The approach is guided by the 5P: having clarity of Purpose; focusing on the Pupil; creating a holistic ExPerience; providing Professional support; and establishing Partnership.

The school hopes that Pei Chun pupils will continue to contribute to the society even after graduation without the need of a structured VIA to guide them

I Love My Canteen (P1 & P2)

We hope to instil in our pupils a sense of care for the environment as well as to be aware that everyone has a role to play to keep the school canteen clean.  Pupils will also be able to put what they have learnt in 弟子规 in action.


Children’s Day Well Wishes Project (P1)

While the school celebrates Children’s Day, we hope that our pupils will empathise with and not forget about the less fortunate and underprivileged children.

Each individual class will put together an ensemble of well wishes in the form of cards and notes. Pupils first craft individual cards which are then put together onto a large-sized display boards to be sent to the Pertapis Children’s Home.

Mid-Autumn Well Wishes Project (P2)

Similar to the Children’s Day Well Wishes Project, this activity reminds our pupils that there is a group of less fortunate elderly living who also need their care and concern.

Each class will put together a well-wishes display board for the elderly at Happy Lodge and Block 5 Care Corner during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Stationery Donation Drive (P3 & P6)

Pei Chun Public School partners Dunman High School in this donation drive that benefits needy children in Vietnam and Indonesia.

Pupils are asked to contribute new stationery for these needy children. Teachers will share with the entire class that while such stationery and other school-related items can be easily obtained in Singapore, there are places where there are considered to be luxurious.

Pupils will realise that there are school-going children in other parts of the world who are less privileged than themselves. Pupils will also learn to appreciate what they have and be aware that they can help the underprivileged regardless of their age.

The donated stationery will be packed into individual packs for easy distribution. The packs will then be brought along to the two countries by the pupils from Dunman High School as they go there for their Overseas Community Involvement Programme (OCIP) trip.




Visit to Care Corner (P4)

All P4 pupils will get the opportunity to interact with the elderly living at Block 5 Care Corner. Through this activity, pupils will be more aware of the needs of the elderly and learn how to interact with them.

They will be less apprehensively when engaging the elderly. They will come to realise that the elderly are a treasure trove of experiences and good stories.

The pupils will also be encouraged to interact more with their grandparents.



Exam Well Wishes (P5)

To strengthen the bonds between the P5 and P6 pupils, the P5 juniors will pen down their well wishes for their seniors who will be taking their PSLE. Through this VIA activity, the pupils will develop a sense of empathy towards their seniors.

Visit to Happy Lodge

Pupils from various CCA groups will visit Happy Lodge twice a year to put up performances for the elderly. Pupils will be able to use their talents and skills to entertain the elderly living in the home.

By using their skills and expertise, they will be aware that helping others does not always mean contributing money or resources. They could also contribute to society with their skills and abilities.

The elderly always look forward to the performances by the Chinese Orchestra, Wushu and of course the all-time favourite – Lion Dance!



Use Your Hands Campaign

At the end of each semester, pupils will take part in the “Use Your Hands” campaign (UYH). All pupils will come armed with rags, ready to “spring clean” their school.

This activity will instil in the pupils the love for their school and environment. Pupils will exercise greater care and upkeep the cleanliness when utilising school facilities and equipment.



2016 Visit to Kheng Chiu Happy Lodge 

2016 ViA P4 UMC

VIA for P3 and P6


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