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Total Defence Day

Assembly Programme

The theme for this year’s Total Defence Day (TDD) is Together We Keep Singapore Strong. The world is going through a turbulent and chaotic time and yet, Singapore is able to remain safe and peaceful over the past 51 years because everyone plays a part in keeping Singapore strong and resilient.

At the Assembly programme, the 5 pillars of Total Defence, namely, Military Defence, Civil Defence, Economic Defence, Social Defence and Psychological Defence, were encapsulated in video clips and information demonstrating to pupils the importance of reaching out one another, forging new relationships and strengthening existing ones. Quizzes were conducted to reinforce the message on the importance of Total Defence and with the Pupil Diary, responses were captured at a glance.

Chinese CCE Lessons

To extend the learning from the above events to the classrooms, lessons on total defence were conducted during the Chinese CCE lessons with every level embarking on different activities. Pupils know that no matter how old they are, there is always a role for them to play in total defence.

War Memorial Service

On 15 February 2017, 39 P5 pupils and 3 teachers represented our school in the 50th War Memorial Service in commemoration of the Civilian Victims of the Japanese Occupation at the War Memorial Park. This annual event, organised by the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, reaffirms the importance of Total Defence and educates young Singaporeans to cherish peace and freedom.

The ceremony began with “All Clear” signal sounded by the Singapore Civil Defence Force. Leaders from different religious groups, uniform groups and pupil representatives paid their respect to the war victims. The pupils also marked their respect to the war victims by taking three bows and observing one minute of silence. Lastly before leaving, they clicked a picture with Ms Grace Fu, the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth.

Upon returning to school, the teachers carried out a debrief with the pupil participants. The pupils shared that they were proud to be part of this event and found this to be an enriching experience. Based on their reflections, it is evident that pupils value the peace in our country and understand the importance of staying united to defend our nation.

Fire Drill

Due to a heavy downpour, the fire drill scheduled on Total Defence Day was rescheduled to 9 March 2017. Prior to the drill, the pupils were briefed of what they have to do and the routes to take should there be a fire in school. Both teachers and pupils went through the emergency simulation calmly and quickly. At the end of the drill, the pupils were reminded of the importance of being prepared at all times.

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