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Issue 03/2017

It was an AMAZING experience! – Ryan Heng 6B (Robotics)
我觉得收获很大。-Breanna Seah 4F (FUNmatics)
I was overjoyed to participate in this Debate enrichment as I feel that it would help in my communication skills.  Through this experience, I also gained confidence.
– Tan Lee Wen 6B (Debate)
I feel very proud in the school basketball team and representing the school.
– Ancel Ooi 5D (Basketball)
我对参加比赛感到开心,因为我可以为学校争光。- Shui Xiao Li 5D (Table Tennis)
After a match, no matter what the outcome, as long as we had tried our best, I was fine with it. ─Jewel Lim 6A (Volleyball)
我很开心能为培群争得荣誉。-Pek Zhen He 6C (Wushu)
I felt very excited and proud that I could represent Pei Chun.
– Roxanne Chia 5B (Dance)
– Jenell Lee 6B (Taekwondo)
我觉得参加翻译比赛是很有趣的经验。-Ng Zhi Qi 6A (Bilingual Olympiad)
I am very grateful that I had a chance to participate in the 2017 Big Spell. This competition has not only taught me new words but also sportsmanship, courage and grace, even in defeat. It was an honour to be in the top 1000 of the nation.
-Celeste Chan 6C (Spelling Bee)
I have put in my best. – Amanda Lim 4H (SYF Art)
通过参加竞选学长团团长,我学到当领导是为同学和学校服务,而不是为了自己的利益。-Grace Ng 6B
It was an honour to be selected as the Vice-Head prefect.  I would sleep and wake up early so as to be fresh and alert for my morning duties. I will set a good example to my peers by doing  the right things. I will adhere to the school vision-passionate and cultured learner as well as proactive and caring leaders.  Good leaders must lead by example. By walking your talk, you become a person others want to follow.
– Jovita Lee Jia En 6B
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