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The Pei Chun Story

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National Day Celebration on 8 August 2017.
This year, the theme is The Singapore Way. As we make the journey from tolerating differences to embracing diversity, our Singapore identity continues to develop. It is important that Racial Harmony is part of this identity and way of life, and that our youth, on whose shoulders our future lie, make Racial Harmony a key aspect of their hopes and dreams for what Singapore is and could be.”One of the most memorable activities I participated was the Kahoot-based quiz  using iPads. Through the engaging and meaningful quiz, I have gained a deeper understanding of the main cultures that make up Singapore, and learnt that there  is unity in diversity. As a young Singaporean, I am glad to have the opportunity to discover the roots of my heritage and those of my fellow Singaporeans of other races, thus appreciating the diverse cultures in Singapore.” – Jovita Lee Jia En (6B)
“From this camp, I have learnt to be independent and resilient. I have also learnt about team work and team spirit. Even though the pupils in my group were from different classes, we were able to put our differences aside and work together in unity. It was the most memorable camp and it would be forever etched in mind.”
– Yeo Xin Ying Kassia (4I)
The school invited Ashvin, one of the finalists for the Straits Times Singaporean of  the Year Award 2016 and the youngest recipient of the SCDF Public Spiritedness Award to meet our pupils on 11/8/17.

“I also learnt to not feel awkward doing something when everyone is is not doing it. I will put myself in the shoes of others and not be a bystander.” – Su Zhixuan (6C)

Math Amaze is a recess activity that aims to arouse students’ interest in Mathematics. Primary 1 and 2 students can play Math ipad games during their break time. Math Amaze was initially carried out once per week. Due to the good response from the pupils, it is now expanded to twice per week with the support from the PSG.“The math games are interesting and fun. I enjoy learning math through these games.” – Tye Hwee Kym (1E)

“Sushi Monster is very fun. It tests us on addition and multiplication.”
– Josiah Chan (2G)

To promote the love of reading through community while participating in the Read for Books Drive to raise free books for beneficiaries.

“Reading makes me happy and calms me down when I am frustrated.”
– Lee Min Han (5B)

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