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Students’ Pick-Up And Drop-Off (PUDO) Points

Drop-off and pick-up Points
By School Bus Within the school compound at the Bus Bay

Bus Liaison Officer: Ms Ann Lee ( For any changes in bus arrangement)

Contact Number: 8488 4778

Email Contact :

By Car: Along the Driveway in front of the Parade Square

Dismissal Arrangement

Please try to display the school car decal on the left side of the car screen. It will facilitate our staff to guide you to the appropriate pick up points.

Please do display your Child’s Name and Class on a piece of A4 size paper on your dashboard to speed up the pick-up process. Do ensure that your child knows your car plate number.

P1 – P2: Pick-Up Points 1 & 2

P3 – P6: Pick-Up Points 3 & 4

Note: P3-P6 students with younger siblings in P1-P2 will wait together with their siblings at the P1 & P2 Pick-Up Points.

There will be no waiting at the pick-up point. Thus, please ensure that you are aware of your child’s school programme especially on those days where he or she has after school hour activities.

On foot or public transport Pedestrian gates Gate 1, 2, 3 and 4

Dismissal Arrangement

Parents Waiting Points
– Gate 1, Link way between Gate 2 and Gate 3, Gate 4

Teachers will lead P1 & P2 to the respective dismissal points for dismissal.

Due to space constraint, please do not cross over to the canteen as our upper primary students will require the space at the canteen to take their lunch.

Community-Based Student Care Center For students waiting to be picked up by staff from community-based Student Centre, the meet-up point will be at the school canteen.
School Student Care (SCC) Students at School Student Care Center (SCC) will only be dismissed through Gate 4.

Updated on 04 January 2020.

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