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Special Assistance Program 特选课程部


初级课程:一、二年级 Level 1: P1 & 2

  • 三字歌/弟子规
  • 古诗 /一、二年级社会知识课
    Chinese Poem, P1 & P2 Social Studies in Chinese Language

中级课程:三、四年级 Level 2: P3 & 4

  • 弟子规、论语选读
  • 历史故事/朝代/概念
    Chinese History: Stories, Dynasties, Concepts
  • 华文知多少、华文字有意思
    Fun with Chinese and Chinese Characters

高级课程:五、六年级 Level 3: P5 & 6

  • 弟子规、论语选读
  • 华文知多少、华文字有意思
    Fun with Chinese and Chinese Characters
  • 华语怎么说(六年级)
    Fun with Chinese(P6)

精华课程:五、六年级特选高华学生 The Peak: Selected P5 & 6 HCL Pupils

  • 历史人物/事件/文明 (五、六年级特选高华学生)
    Chinese History Character/Events/Cultural Relics (P5 & 6 HCL Pupils)
  • 文化生活营/游学浸濡 (五年级特选学生)
    Chinese Cultural Camp/ Cultural Immersion Programme (Selected P5 Pupils)

其他项目 Other Events:

  • 家长工作坊:《弟子规》
    Workshop for parents on Dizigui
  • 配合节日的华族文化工作坊,如端午包粽子活动等
    Cultural Appreciation programmes such as Dumpling Wrapping workshop



Pupils are exposed to the Chinese values, history, culture and literature at different levels over the 6 years of primary education. Mass lessons are conducted as pre-assembly programmes, where teachers use stories, quizzes, videos etc to create interesting learning experiences. Where possible, Chinese traditional arts are integrated into other subjects to make Chinese Culture alive and relevant for our pupils, for example, modular Wushu during Physical Education (PE) lessons and modular Chinese Calligraphy & Painting programme during Art lessons.




There are no assessments for our programmes. Our objective is to create opportunities for pupils to enjoy the learning of Chinese Culture.


  • Yuan Xiao Jie 2018
  • Chinese Cultural Camp
  • Nanjing Cultural Immersion Trip 2018
  • Taiwan Cultural Immersion Trip 2018


Updated on 07 September 2018.

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