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Signature Programmes

Programme Objectives

The Pei Chun Leaders Programme (PCLP) was implemented in 2018 as the Learning for Life Programme to enable our students to acquire and demonstrate important life-skills by focusing on building strong values and social emotional competencies.

Pei Chun Leadership Philosophy

This programme is aligned to the Pei Chun Leadership Philosophy which is strongly influenced by the Confucian classic “Great Learning” – 修身、齐家、治国、平天下 – one must first cultivate one’s own person, then regulate one’s family, then order well one’s state, then only can one make the whole kingdom “天下” – all under heaven – tranquil and happy. The direct relevance from the virtue of the individual, to the family, to the larger society and to universal harmony in the “Great Learning” philosophy encapsulates the growth dimensions of the Pei Chun Leadership Philosophy from self to social and to thought leadership (Figure 1). It firmly believes that leadership begins with self. It is only when one can manage self (Self Leadership) that one can manage relationships effectively, treat/lead others with care and respect (Social Leadership), and influence others and create value through quality insights and innovations (Thought Leadership).


Programme Design

The school leverages the whole school approach in the Pei Chun Leadership Programme to broaden students’ educational experiences in leadership development. It adopts a two-tiered approach:

Tier 1 to equip all students with foundational leadership skills and provide platforms for them to demonstrate their leadership skills; and

Tier 2 to provide structured leadership development programme for selected students to serve the school so as to develop their ability to lead and inspire.

This tiered approach ensures that the needs of the students are met at different levels through core and differentiated programmes.

Tier 1 programmes

Pei Chun Social Skills Package

To equip all students with foundational leadership skills, the school has developed a Pei Chun Social Skills Package that are integrated into the FTGP and CCE MT Curriculum. It provides explicit teaching of social skills in a concrete, step-by-step manner where each skill is unpacked into specific and observable skill step.


ViA Programmes

ViA provides the platform for all Pei Chun students to demonstrate their leadership competencies.

The school has developed a 6-year ViA Curriculum that seeks to develop knowledge, skills and values progressively in each domain from P1 to P6, and at the same time, growing their leadership competencies from self to social and to thought leadership.

P1 I Love My Family Self Leadership
P2 I Love My School
P3 I Love My Environment Social Leadership
P4 I Love My Community
P5 I Love My Nation Thought Leadership
P6 I Love My World

P4 Camp

Every year, the P4 students participate in a residential camp where they get to enjoy the great outdoors. The adventure and team building activities were designed to build self-confidence and self-awareness. Students also learnt to take care of their peers when faced with challenging situations, which is an important element of leadership.

Tier 1-Pei Chun Leadership Series

The objective of the Pei Chun Leadership Series is to provide our student leaders and students with an authentic platform to engage in a dialogue session with inspirational individuals from different fields.


Mr Tan Jun Xiang has shown that there are many pathways to success and children who are facing academic setbacks at this early stage of their lives should not be overly discouraged. Mr Tan’s sharing to our Primary 5 and 6 students was impactful. He urged the students not to give up in the face of adversity and encouraged them to develop their strengths and pursue their passions. Mr Tan Jun Xiang is truly a source of inspiration to many of our Pei Chun students.

Tier 2 programmes

Student Leaders’ Training Programmes – Pei Chun Problem Solvers (PCPS) Programme

Training is provided for our P3 to P6 Prefects to enable them to become confident leaders who can effectively rally others towards a common goal

To develop our Prefects as Proactive & Creative Leaders who understand problems faced by the school or community and work proactively and systematically to solve them, a resource package has been developed to equip Prefects with the 6-step Problem solving method at P4. At P5, the prefects are required to use the method to identify an area of concern in the school, and propose an action plan to solve the problem.


Tier 2 – Pei Chun Leadership Series

Dialogue with Dr Koh Chee Wee (Director, Leadership and Workforce Competencies at Public Service Division, Prime Minister Office) with participants from Pei Chun Public School, Kheng Cheng School and First Toa Payoh Primary School

Through the dialogue with Dr Koh Chee Wee, the students gained insights on ways to strengthen leadership, the different methods of persuasion and its applications, and tips on how to be a better leader in order to serve the school. In addition to the leadership competencies, another takeaway was how to better communicate with one another in order to build and earn trust from others.

“I learnt a lot of new things and I hope I will get another chance to attend this dialogue session again. “

– Yeo Yunying Claris (6/4 Care, 2018)

Student Leadership Camp

The school had its inaugural Student Leadership Camp in 2018. The objective is to provide experiential learning for student leaders to build their leadership competencies in self, social and thought leadership. Another unique feature was the use of a Leadership Profiling tool to help our student leaders be aware of their leadership preference (style).

At the end of the enjoyable 2 Day-1 Night camp, our student leaders learnt and understood the importance of teamwork and more importantly, they were better equipped to manage self and others when faced with challenging situations.



Updated on 04 September 2018.

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