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Racial Harmony Day

Racial Harmony Day 

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Racial Harmony Day (RHD), which schools started observing in 1997. On Friday 21 July 2017, Pei Chun Public School came together to be reminded of the importance of maintaining racial and religious harmony as we explored the theme The Singapore Way.

Organised by the RHD teacher committee and supported by the Parent Support Group (PSG), the interactive RHD trail in school provided our pupils with learning experiences to find out how the different races in Singapore own their unique cultures, yet share common traits in our Singapore way of life.

Using rice as a common theme, they tried their hands on weaving ketupat, wrapping rice dumpling and creating Rangoli. It was such a blast to the past when they played traditional games such as Zero Point, Congkok and Cat’s Cradle, which were new to them yet wonderful memories for many of us. Other than the fun they had, the games taught them to compromise with one another within a shared common space. What a thrill they had playing an online quiz using ‘Kahoot!’ on iPads. Getting their hands painted with henna was one of their favourite activities. They also took many photographs with their classmates while holding placards with RHD messages.

At the Assembly Programme, they participated actively in a scenario-based learning activity. A talented cast of pupils and teachers came together to act out scenes, depicting potential causes of disharmony, which were then made into a video. Using the Fast Kit in the Pupil Diary, our pupils watched the video and chose the appropriate course of actions to the problems in the scenes.

Prior to 21 July, the Primary Four pupils pledged their commitment in the Orange Ribbon Project to stand up for racial harmony by writing their well-wishes and aspirations on banners, and wearing the Orange Ribbon in the month of July.

Through the Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) lessons, pupils continued to learn about building and boosting trust among people of different races and religions in Singapore.

We hope our pupils will embrace diversity and make racial harmony a key aspect of their hopes and dreams for what Singapore is and could be.

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