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Principal’s Message

Dear Parents/Guardians and students,

Happy New Year and welcome back to the new school year! Let’s work towards another enriching and fruitful year ahead! We would also like to extend a very warm welcome to our Primary 1 students and their parents, as well as those who have just joined the Pei Chun family!

Completion of the PERI Upgrading Project and transiting to single session

I’m glad that the upgrading work of the school for the last 3 years has come to fruition, allowing the school to finally transit to single session. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our stakeholders for their generous donations, understanding and patience throughout the school upgrading period. There will be new challenges in running the school in the new single session format, but we are confident to forge the collective efforts of everyone to make it a successful one, just like how we have overcome all the challenges in the past.

Celebrating 87th Founders’ Day through our Pei Chun Heritage Project

Pei Chun will be celebrating its 87th Founders’ Day this year, with the official opening of our upgraded school campus as part of our celebrations. Pei Chun is what it is today because of the strong support of its stakeholders – parents, staff, alumni, School Management Committee as well as various partners in education over the many generations since 1933. Hence, the school would like to pay tribute to the contributions of our stakeholders and celebrate our rich history with a new heritage gallery outside our General Office. The new heritage gallery will depict the history of Pei Chun through the featuring of many generations of Pei Chun alumni and staff. It will serve as a learning space, as part of the school curriculum, to engage students on the school’s heritage, thereby strengthening the school’s identity and fostering a greater sense of belonging among students. The story of Pei Chun since 1933 is essentially also a story about Singapore, our pioneers and our collective memories. Hence, we would also like to appeal to parents (especially those who are our alumni) who are keen to help us in this meaningful project, to get in touch with us. Together, we hope to capture and share the collective memories of every generation of Pei Chun students.

Updating our stakeholders on the changes in our education system

Over the last few years, there have been multiple changes and tweaks made to our education system so as to better meet the future needs of our students and Singapore. The school will continue its efforts in updating everyone along the way through multiple channels and platforms. In our coming Curriculum Briefing sessions that will be held after the Chinese New Year for the different levels, the school will be sharing on some of the contexts and rationale behind these key changes in our system:

  1. Reduction of school-based assessment to focus on better learning and building a strong foundation of knowledge, skills and values
  2. New PSLE scoring system in 2021 as well as the removal of streaming in the secondary schools (Full Subject-Based Banding in secondary schools)
  3. Learning Languages for Life, especially our Mother Tongue
  4. Strengthening Positive Education through Growth Mindset and Mindfulness for holistic health (including mental well-being)
  5. Diversity & Inclusivity – Social Mixing / Children with different needs and abilities

Do send me your questions, concerns or suggestions on these topics or any other topics not listed so that I can try to weave in the information into our presentations for the benefit of everyone. It has been the most meaningful aspect of my role to forge our collective efforts so as to bring out the best educational outcomes for every child. Please feel free to write to me through the school’s generic email at

With our collective efforts, I am confident that Pei Chun will continue its mission of providing quality holistic education for future generations, so as to sustain the success for Singapore.

May I wish everyone a happy and fulfilling year ahead!

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Lim Meng Wei








我校将在今年庆祝建校87周年。届时,我们将以翻新后的校舍开幕典礼作为庆祝活动之一。自1933年以来,培群在家长、教职员工、校友、学校管理委员会以及其他教育伙伴的大力支持下,才能取得今天的成就。为了向大家所做出的贡献表示敬意,我校将在办公室外设置文史走廊,展示我校悠久的建校历史。新的文史走廊将通过展现历届校友及教职员工的事迹来陈述培群的历史。它将作为一个学习的空间,并成为学校课程的一部分,让学生了解学校的历史,从而培养学生爱校的情怀、及增强他们对学校的归属感。培群自1933年建校以来的故事实质上也是新加坡及建国先贤的故事,同时也是新加坡人的集体回忆。因此,我们呼吁有意愿参与这项有意义的活动的家长(尤其是校友)与我们联系。 我们希望一起捕捉并分享培群每一届学生的集体回忆。



  1. 减少学校计分测验与评估考试的次数,将重点放在更有效的学习上,并为知识、技能和价值观奠定坚实的基础。
  2. 2021年新的小学离校会考积分制以及取消中学分流制(全面在中学推行科目编班)
  3. 对语文保持终身学习的态度,尤其是母语的学习。
  4. 通过培养成长型思维和正念来加强正向教育,以促进身心健康(包括心理健康)。
  5. 多元化和包容性–社交融合/具有不同需求和能力的孩子。

如果您针对以上的课题或其他课题有任何的问题、疑虑或建议,请随时通过学校的电子邮址 与我联系。我会尝试将这些信息放在报告中,跟大家分享。能够集合全体的力量,为每个孩子提供最好的教育成果,我认为是我的工作中最有意义的层面。





Updated on 07 January 2020.

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