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Principal’s Message

principalphotoHappy New Year to one and all, welcome back to Pei Chun and let’s make it another fruitful year ahead! We would like to extend a warm welcome to our Primary 1 students and their parents, as well as those who have just joined the Pei Chun family!

Pei Chun Public School will be celebrating its 85th anniversary this year. The school was first set up by a group of Hainanese back in 1933 during the pre-war era with the vision of providing quality holistic education for future generations. Such conviction remains unchanged over the past 84 years and it continues to deepen as the school forges ahead. The school is always grateful to all the stakeholders – the students, parents, staff, alumni, School Management Committee and various partners in education, who have supported Pei Chun over the last 84 years of our journey. We could not have become what we are today if not for the support of everyone.

As the school poises itself to better deliver the desired outcomes of education for our future generations to thrive in the 21st century, the school has reflected on some of its approaches and made some refinements. The overall broad direction of the school remains unchanged but with greater emphasis on character building, collaboration, innovative thinking and 21st century skillsets. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the rationale of the recent changes that the school leadership team has made, and how these changes will serve and support the Pei Chun community well in its next phase of development.

School Vision, Mission, Values, Motto, Philosophy

School Vision
Passionate and Collaborative Learners智者, Patriotic and Caring Citizens 仁者, Proactive and Creative Leaders勇者
(Refinement from the previous: making our vision more holistic in nurturing the desired Pei Chun student  by emphasizing on the ‘heart” together with the “mind” and “action” aspects)

School Mission
A quality school experience that maximizes the potential of our students, through the delivery of a holistic student-centric curriculum, anchored on values, health, safety, bilingualism, innovation and collaborative partnerships with all stakeholders
(Refinement from the previous: making the mission clearer in our purpose to provide a holistic student-centric education through collaborative partnerships with all stakeholders)

School Values
Passion, Teamwork, Respect, Care, Initiative, Innovation
[Refinement from the previous: aligning the school values with the school vision so that each domain of the school vision is anchored by a set of school values e.g. Passion and Teamwork support the development of our students in the Learners domain (Passionate and Collaborative Learners), Respect and Care support the development of our students in the Citizens domain (Patriotic and Caring Citizens), Initiative and Innovation support the development of our students in the Leaders domain (Proactive and Creative Leaders)]

School Motto
Courtesy, Justice, Honesty, Honour

(Refinement from the previous: added in the second motto which emphasizes the value of gratitude so as to remind all students the importance of showing gratitude to those who have supported them in their journey in life)

School Philosophy
Every Child Matters

Every Child Can Learn

Every Child Is Different

Every Child Can Achieve His Or Her Own Success

Every Child Can Make A Difference
(Refinement: The new school philosophy serves to articulate the school’s core beliefs about every child and guide the school in developing the potential of every child to the fullest.)

Students Pledge



积极主动, 发挥创意




(Refinement from the previous: provides greater clarity on the desired student outcomes that focus beyond the academic achievements)

School Key Programmes

All schools are encouraged to develop an Applied Learning Programme (ALP) as well as a Learning For Life (LLP) Programme. The Applied Learning Programme (ALP) helps students appreciate the relevance and value of what they are learning in the academic curriculum to the real world, and develop stronger motivation and purpose to acquire knowledge and skills. The Learning For Life (LLP) Programme provides students with real-life experiences to develop character and values, cultivate positive attitudes, self-expression and strengthen their people skills.

Our school has implemented the Bilingual Media Studies Programme (BMSP) as the school’s Applied Learning Programme (ALP) since 2015. The objective of this programme is to strengthen the school’s focus on bilingualism by providing students with real life applications of the knowledge and skills in the learning of the English and Chinese languages, and equipping them with effective communication skills for a variety of purposes, audiences and contexts. This year, the school will be implementing the Pei Chun Leaders Programme (PCLP) as the school’s Learning For Life (LLP) Programme so as to equip students with the necessary social-emotional competencies in navigating the challenges of the rapidly changing world.

The Pei Chun Leaders Programme (PCLP) is guided by the Pei Chun Leadership Philosophy which draws wisdom from the Confucian classic “Great Learning”  – 修身、齐家、治国、平天下 – one must first cultivate one’s own person, then regulate one’s family, then order well one’s state, then only can one make the whole kingdom “天下” – all under heaven – tranquil and happy. The direct relevance from the virtue of the individual, to the family, to the larger society and to universal harmony in the “Great Learning” philosophy encapsulates the growth dimensions of the Pei Chun Leadership Philosophy which firmly believes that leadership begins with self. It is only when one can manage self (Self Leadership) that one can manage relationships effectively, treat/lead others with care and respect (Social Leadership), and influence others and create value through quality insights and innovations (Thought Leadership).

As part of the Pei Chun Leaders Programme (PCLP), the school has developed a Pei Chun SEL (Social-emotional Learning) package for all students this year so as to provide explicit teaching of the social-emotional skills in a concrete, step-by-step manner where each skill is unpacked into specific and observable skill steps. The social-emotional skills are developed progressively from P1 to P6, with each level focusing on the development of three core skills that are developmentally appropriate. Through the development of these skills, we hope to lay a strong foundation for our children by teaching them how to regulate their behavior and emotions, express themselves and get along with others. 

New Class Naming Convention  

As shared earlier, the school will use a new set of class names this year to promote the learning and reflection of school values on a daily basis. This is congruent to the school’s mission in delivering a values-based holistic schooling experience, emphasizing on character development. The class name will take on the format of Level / Class number – School Value. The following is an example of the P2 class names:

2/1 – Passion 2/7 – Passion
2/2 – Teamwork 2/8 – Teamwork
2/3 – Respect 2/9 – Respect
2/4 – Care 2/10 – Care
2/5 – Initiative 2/11 – Initiative
2/6 – Innovation 2/12 – Innovation

School Upgrading Project

Our school is now at a transitional phase as we look forward to the infrastructural enhancements at our school site at Lorong 7. The school is privileged to have a field at our current holding site. It was a lovely sight to see our children running, jumping and playing with their peers at the school field. Outdoor play is an important part of childhood and it supports the well-being, learning and healthy development of our children. Unfortunately, due to space constraints, the school site at Lorong 6 does not have a field. Hence, to create additional play area for our children, the school has re-designed its infrastructure to incorporate another level of indoor play area for our children. This additional learning space supports the holistic development of our children though structured and unstructured play. As a result of the new enhancement, the completion of the upgrading works at the school site will be delayed till March 2019. This would mean that the school can only move back to its original school site during the June holidays in 2019. To minimize disruptions to the school operations, the school will continue to operate in double-session in the second Semester of 2019 after the move. We seek your understanding on the delay as we work towards providing a more conducive learning environment for our students.

Parent Support Group (PSG) Steering Committee

Parent Support Group (PSG) plays a key role in inspiring and guiding parents who wish to contribute to the school’s efforts, coordinating their time and effort effectively to give our children the best educational experience.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank parents who have contributed to the Parent Support Group for their dedication and commitment. As we welcome the new school year, a new PSG Steering Committee is formed to help the school forge collaborative efforts with parents. We hope that you can continue to give your fullest support to the new PSG Steering Committee.

            As an old Chinese proverb says, “It takes ten years to grow a tree, but it takes a hundred years to cultivate a person” (“十年树木,百年树人”), education is a complex and arduous journey.

However, I strongly believe that “it takes a village to raise a child”. Hence, I value the opportunity in forging strong partnerships with parents, coaches, service providers and other partners in education to co-support the development of our children as a community “village”. With your strong support and partnership, I am confident that Pei Chun will continue to live up to its name and our founders’ vision of providing quality education for future generations.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Lim Meng Wei






热爱学习、团结互助的学生; 仁心爱国、爱己爱众的公民; 积极主动、创意无限的领袖

(调整后的愿景更为全面,在培育理想的培群学生时除了注重知识”和“行动”,也注重 “情感”)





热爱学习, 团结互助;相互尊重, 关爱他人;积极主动, 发挥创意

(调整后的价值观,与学校愿景中的各项挂钩,例如:“热爱学习, 团结互助”推动实践“热爱学习、团结互助的学生”、“相互尊重, 关爱他人”推动实践仁心爱国、爱己爱众的公民”、“积极主动, 发挥创意”推动实践“积极主动、创意无限的领袖”)
















积极主动, 发挥创意







教育部鼓励各所学校推出应用学习项目(Applied Learning Programme)和生活教育项目(Learning for Life Programme)。这两个项目提供机会让学生发掘他们的能力和兴趣、让他们学以致用,使学习更有趣与贴近实际生活。培群自2015年就推行双语传媒课程作为本校的应用学习项目。双语传媒课程以强化双语教育作为目标,让学生把他们在课堂上学习的语文知识和技能用在实际生活中,并加强学生在面向不同场合、观众时所需要的沟通技能。





2/1 – 好学班

2/7 – 好学班
2/2 – 互助班 2/8 – 互助班
2/3 – 谦敬班 2/9 – 谦敬班
2/4 – 仁爱班 2/10 – 仁爱班
2/5 – 力行班 2/11 – 力行班
2/6 – 创意班 2/12 – 创意班




本校的家长支援会在鼓励和指导那些希望为学校作出贡献的家长们方面,发挥了关键作用,他们尽力协调自己的时间与精力,旨在为孩子们提供最好的学习体验。我们想借此机会感谢为家长支援会作出贡献的成员。在迎接新学年的当儿,我们成立了一个新的家长支援指导委员会,以促进学校与家长们之间的协作。我们希望您能够继续全力支持新成立的家长支援指导委员会。  中国有一句谚语:“十年树木,百年树人”。教育是一个复杂艰辛的过程,但是我坚信“养育一个孩子需要动用全村人的努力”。因此,我重视与家长、教练、服务提供者和其他教育合作伙伴建立牢固的伙伴关系,共同为孩子们提供全面的发展。在您的全力支持与合作下,我坚信培群将继续发扬创校者的理念,为世世代代的孩子们提供优质教育。



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