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Principal’s Message


Happy New Year and welcome back to school! Let’s look forward to another fruitful year ahead! We would also like to extend a very warm welcome to our Primary 1 students and their parents, as well as those who have just joined the Pei Chun family!

Upgrading of the school infrastructure and transiting into a single session school

Pei Chun Public School will be celebrating its 86th anniversary this year. It will be an exciting year for the Pei Chun community as we prepare for our shift back to the school site at Toa Payoh Lorong 7 at the end of Semester 1. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generous donations, understanding and patience for the upgrading project. This shift marks an important milestone in the school journey as we look forward to a number of infrastructural enhancements at the school site, including new classrooms, Performing Arts Studio, Programme for Active Learning (PAL) rooms, Teaching Laboratory, Outdoor Education Learning (OEL) area and an indoor play field which is the first of its kind in school design. With the enhanced infrastructure, Pei Chun will be well positioned to transit into a single session school to better support the holistic development of our students in 2020.

A journey of continuous learning and improvement

As a learning organization, it has always been the school culture to strive for continuous improvements so as to better deliver the desired outcomes of education for our children to thrive in the 21st century. Following the revised school vision, mission, values, motto and educational philosophy, we have been making refinements to our approaches and programmes so as to better align them to the overall directions of the school. The recent announcements made by MOE on “Learn for Life’ reaffirm the school vision in nurturing Pei Chun students with 21st Century Competencies and dispositions anchored on sound values.

Our Applied Learning & Learning for Life Programmes

As a Special Assistance Plan (SAP) school, bilingualism and character building have always been the hallmarks of education in Pei Chun. As such, the school has developed two key school programmes, Bilingual Media Studies Programme (Applied Learning Programme) and Pei Chun Leaders Programme (Learning for Life Programme) to strengthen the school’s focus on bilingualism and character building. The Bilingual Media Studies Programme provides students with real life applications of the knowledge and skills in the learning of English and Chinese Language and deepens their understanding of the Eastern and Western cultures while the Pei Chun Leaders Programme focuses on developing the leadership potential of our students through building character, values and life skills that are necessary in navigating the challenges of the future. Through these programmes, the school has rebalanced the rigour and joy of learning by providing students with a broad range of learning experiences that enable them to better appreciate the relevance and value of what they are learning in school to the real world.

Coherence in our overall approach towards holistic education and support for students

The school has also made improvements to its structures and processes so as to better support the development of students in the various domains (social, moral, leadership, cognitive, physical, aesthetics). These include broadening the school-based recognition scheme to affirm outstanding achievements of students in domains beyond the academics as well as using a more targeted approach to cater to the diverse learning needs of our students. Since 2017, students who needed more support in learning attend after-school Remedial Programme while the rest of the students are given the opportunities to participate in enrichment modules after school to explore their interests and learn new skills and competencies beyond the standard curriculum.

Qualitative feedback on learning

As assessment is an integral part of learning, the school has also reviewed its assessment structure and planned to better calibrate the assessment load and ensure the right pitching. To support the Lower Primary learners to have a positive start that focuses on growth and curiosity for learning, the school will remove all weighted assessments at Primary 1 and 2 this year. Teachers will provide feedback on the progress of their learning through a set of learning outcomes and qualitative descriptors. Changes will also be made to the assessment structure at Primary 3 and Primary 5, progressively, in the next few years, so as to free up curriculum time for deeper learning and development of 21st century competencies in our students at these transitional years.

Strengthening 21CC through greater social mixing

As schools are crucibles of socialization, the school has adopted a more balanced approach between ability grouping and social mixing on its class allocation for P3 & P5 where students learn to work with peers from different backgrounds. Since 2017, the school has also taken steps to provide cross-cultural learning experiences for our students to interact with peers from other ethnic groups through collaboration with First Toa Payoh Primary School, which would otherwise be limited for our students due to the profile of students in a SAP school.

Enhancing Students’ Well-Being through Positive Education

The school has embarked on the journey of positive education to strengthen the school efforts on students’ well-being. Positive education focuses on both the cognitive development as well as character and well-being of learners in a double intertwined manner. This is aligned to the school approach in nurturing the whole child. The fundamental goal of positive education is to promote positive mental health by building character strengths, resilience, positive emotions, and promoting growth mindset and mindfulness. We believe that the mindsets and skills that we inculcate in our students in positive education will serve them well in whatever paths that they take in the future.

Our 2nd Motto – Gratitude 饮水思源

As part of positive education, we have introduced “饮水思源” as the second school motto to emphasize the value of gratitude. As an old Chinese proverb says “前人种树,后人遮荫” (One generation plants a tree; the next sits in its shade)”, it is important to educate our children to show gratitude to those who have supported them in their journey. Hence, to signify the importance of the second motto, we will introduce an orange coloured PE T-shirt this year to complement the four colours that reflect the first school motto “礼义廉耻”.

Our dedicated staff and close partnership with stakeholders as a Pei Chun Village

As the school embarks on its journey of continuous learning and improvement, the school is fortunate to have a team of dynamic and dedicated educators and support staff who always give their best to bring about the positive student outcomes in close partnership with parents. Their efforts are well supported by the Pei Chun School Management Committee, Alumni and various partners in education. The passion and dedication of these key stakeholders have played a pivotal role in enabling the whole school community to “raise every child in Pei Chun as a village”. Together as one Pei Chun community, let’s continue to forge our collaborative efforts to nurture our children to be “Passionate and Collaborative Learners 智者; Patriotic and Caring Citizens 仁者; Proactive and Creative Leaders 勇者”.

May I wish everyone a happy and fulfilling year ahead!

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Lim Meng Wei
























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