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Principal’s Message

Updated on 14 January 2021.

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

Happy New Year and may I warmly welcome all of you to a new academic year! Joining our Pei Chun Family are our Primary 1 students and their parents, as well as those who have just joined us in 2021. For some of the families, their third generation of family members will be embarking on their education journey in Pei Chun. If you happened to be one such family, do get in touch with us via email ( as we would like to feature your families in our Pei Chun Heritage Gallery. Just not too long ago in December 2020, we managed to feature Mr Lim and his family – Mr Lim the grandfather graduated from Pei Chun in 1960 , his son graduated in 1991 and now his granddaughters are in Primary 3 and 5 respectively.

As we welcome new Pei Chun students into our big family, we also have the privilege of growing the “Pei Chun Village” with new staff members. We would like to welcome to our new Vice Principal, Miss Sng Wan Xian, to the Pei Chun school leadership team. Our outgoing Vice Principal Ms Angela Goh will be continuing her next leadership stint at Red Swastika School. We would like to thank Ms Goh for the invaluable contributions that she has made to the school over the years – seeing through the shift of the school, transiting to single-session school, as well as in the areas of student development and well-being.

As a school, we are moving into 2021 with great caution, we have just entered into Phase 3 of our country’s battle against COVID-19. Though Singapore may have been able to keep the community cases under control through our collective efforts in Phase 2, we cannot afford to let our guard down in Phase 3. Many countries are experiencing huge spikes in their 2nd and 3rd wave of infections and many countries are repeating their lockdowns. Hence it is important for us to forge our continuous efforts in ensuring that all the safe distancing measures are adhered throughout the new school year. Together with the school staff, and the unstinting support from our parents, alumni and School Management Committee, we will do our part as a school community in overcoming all the challenges ahead.

Though COVID-19 strikes us with many uncertainty and challenges, we have also witnessed how many chose to be big-hearted and rose above the challenge. There were many heartwarming efforts and initiatives by many people around us regardless of race, language, background and religion in reaching out and helping the less fortunate in our society. In the same breath, many within our Pei Chun community had stepped forward to contribute as well. We wish to thank every stakeholder in this aspect in helping to strengthen our community social fabric in the midst of these challenges.

At the school’s end, I will continue to keep school safe and keep learning going with the collective efforts of my dedicated staff team. There will be some adapting and exploration of different learning formats, nevertheless the school staff team together with our coaches and service providers will brainstorm innovative approaches to keep learning alive and rigorous. We strive to give our students ample opportunities to develop their interests and strengths and develop leadership qualities through a wide range of school programmes.

Let’s embrace 2021 together and continue to innovate as we adapt to the new normal in general. With your continued support and cooperation, I am sure we can help our students to see beyond tests and examinations, and be better prepared to embrace life’s opportunities amidst its complexities. I hope to embrace the thinking and wisdom of our stakeholders as well, so do feel free to write to me through the school’s generic email at in sharing your thoughts and ideas.

May I wish everyone a smooth and fulfilling year ahead through our school vision:
智者不惑The wise are free from doubts;
仁者不忧 The benevolent are free from anxieties; and
勇者不惧the brave are free from fear!

Yours sincerely,
Mr Lim Meng Wei



欢迎大家迈入崭新的学年,恭祝大家新年快乐!在此,我代表培群全体师生热烈欢迎小学一年级的新生和他们的家长加入培群的大家庭。对于某些家庭来说,今年入学的孩子将是家中在培群接受教育的第三代人。如果您的家庭三代都在培群受过教育,请与我们联系(。我们希望能在培群文史走廊上分享您与家人的故事。就在去年十二月份,我们访问了林先生一家人 — 林先生1960年毕业于培群,他的儿子1991年也毕业于培群,现在林先生的两个孙女就读于培群的三年级和五年级。







智者不惑 – 有智慧的人不会迷惑
仁者不忧 – 有仁义的人不会忧愁
勇者不惧 – 有勇气的人不会畏惧



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