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P4 Learning Journey to Kampong Glam

The P4 Learning Journey at Kampong Glam was an experiential learning journey where pupils used a mobile device for self-directed and collaborative learning.

It is hoped that the learning journey will provide a platform for pupils to understand the roles Kampong Glam play as a haven for immigrants in the past and present, a culturally and religiously diverse locale that reflect Singapore’s multi-racial and multi-religious country and a part of Singapore that demonstrates its ability to retain its cultural roots while being part of Singapore as a global city.

One of the places they visited was the Malay Heritage Centre where they learnt the various cultural practices of the Malays, past and present. The Sultan mosque was an eye-opening experience for the pupils as they learnt that the mosque is the focal point for religious, cultural and social events.

The pupils had an enjoyable and enriching time at the learning journey.

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