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Milestone Events

Milestone Events

Year Date Milestone Events
1933 12 May


Began as a Chinese medium school at Tanglin Road with over 90 students.

公立培群学校在东陵路一店屋诞生,学生只有 90 余名。

1935 Moved to a shophouse in Orchard Road with an enrolment of over 100 students.

培群迁至乌节路,学生 100 多人。

1941 Mr Foo Tuck Sun was appointed as the 6th Principal.
Enrolment increased to over 200 students.符德新先生受委为第六任校长,培群招生人数增至 200 多人。


The school stopped functioning because of the Japanese invasion of Singapore.


1946 1 Jan


The school resumed in an old bungalow at Anderson Road with more than 300 students.

培群复办,以安德申一座旧洋楼为校舍,学生 300 多人。

1947 Moved to a bungalow at Balmoral Road.


1949 Bought the Balmoral Road premises after a bank loan of $40,000 was granted.

培群向银行贷款 4 万元,购入峇摩劳路的校舍。

1952 More than $30,000 was raised by the school, teachers and pupils to improve the basic facilities of the school.


1956 Became a government-aided primary school.


1960 to 1961 The school was faced with two problems – outstanding arrears in bank loans and constant flooding during rainy seasons.


1962 to 1965 A total of $71,000 was raised and hence for the first time, Pei Chun had its own premises. However, this was not an ideal site because of the constant flooding. The school management committee decided to look for an alternative site.


1969 Jan


MOE offered a piece of land to Pei Chun at Toa Payoh Lorong 6.


1970 2 Jan


The school started its operations in Toa Payoh.


1973 29 Jun


Official Opening of the new school grounds at Toa Payoh.


1980 24 May


Official Opening of the 1st expansion of school building.
The 4 storey new building includes a Science Laboratory, dance studio, language laboratory, theatre and classrooms.培群举行扩建新校舍落成典礼。
1983 In commemoration of Pei Chun’s 50th anniversary, the “Cho Tong Kwee Memorial” was erected on the school grounds on 26 May 1983.
The school produced the National top PSLE student – Zhang Kwang Min of 6H. He scored an aggregate score of 420.6H班张广铭在小六离校会考中获最高分,成为全国状元。
1989 14 Jan


Celebration of the completion of the Indoor Sports Hall, built at a cost of over $1,000,000.


The school produced its 1st President’s Scholar – Ms Lynette Shek Pei Qi (1982, 6C).

培群培育了第一位总统奖学金得主-石佩琪(毕业于 1982 年 6C 班)

1990 2 Jan


The school is selected to be one of the 10 SAP primary schools in Singapore.


1992 Achieved 100% Passes in PSLE for the first time in the history of Pei Chun.

小六离校会考,培群取得有史以来第一次总成绩 100 巴仙及格率。

1993 28 May


Celebrated 60th Founder’s Day with a grand dinner with 1730 guests.

培群庆祝 60 周年校庆,出席晚宴的嘉宾有 1730 位。

1994 11 Jan


Ground-breaking ceremony for another expansion programme.
The 3-storey high building included a new general office, computer laboratories and classroom.培群举行扩建新教学楼动土仪式。
24 Aug


The Pei Chun Old Students’ Association was formed.


1995 27 May


The school held a Triple Celebration – the completion of a new building, our 62nd Founder’s Day and the official establishment of Old Students’ Association. The new building was officially opened by the then-Minister of Communications, Mr Mah Bow Tan.

培群举行三庆联欢宴会,庆祝扩建新校舍落成、62 周年校庆及校友会成立。交通部长马宝山为新校舍主持揭幕。

1996 11 Nov


A bronze statue of Mr Chao Yoke San, was erected on the school grounds.


1996 The 12th Chairman of the SMC, Mr Chao Yoke San, stepped down as Chairman after serving for 40 years and became the school’s Honorary Chairman and Executive Advisor until he passed away in December 2001.

第 12 任董事长赵玉山先生荣休。赵先生于 1956 年进董事部服务,鞠躬尽瘁长达 40 年。荣休后,仍当董事部永久执行顾问,直至 2001 年底辞世。

1998 24 May


The school held a carnival featuring traditional food, games and handicraft to commemorate 65th Founder’s Day.

培群举行 65 周年校庆嘉年华会。

29 May


The school celebrated its 65th Founder’s Day with a grand dinner for 1,500 guests.

培群庆祝 65 周年校庆,出席晚宴的嘉宾有 1500 位。

2001 31 Aug


The school completed PRIME (Programme for Rebuilding and IMproving Existing schools) and moved to its new building in Lorong 7 Toa Payoh.


2002 The school produced its 2nd President’s Scholar – Ms Yeo Wenshan (1995, 6A).

培群培育了第二位总统奖学金得主-杨文珊(毕业于 1995 年 6A 班)。

The school achieved the Sustained Achievement Awards (Arts) for continuous excellent performance by the school’s choir and Chinese Dance Troupe.


31 Dec


Our 7th Principal, Mr Chen Keng Juan, retired after serving Pei Chun for 31½years. Mr Chin Kim Woon became the 8th Principal.

担任第七任校长长达 31 年半的陈经源先生荣休,由陈京文先生继任第八任校长。

2003 8 Mar


Pei Chun’s Chinese Orchestra held a sell-out inaugural public performance at the Singapore Conference Hall.

培群华乐团在新加坡大会堂举行公开演奏会-“群韵初啼 2003 ”。

The school achieved the Sustained Achievement Awards (Sports) for continuous excellent performance by the School’s Volleyball and Table-tennis teams. Also achieved Gold Award for Physical Fitness.


12 Jul


The official Opening of Pei Chun’s new school building cum 70th Founder’s Day Celebration. The Guest of honour was the then-Minister for Education and Second Minister for Defence, Mr Teo Chee Hean.

新校舍揭幕礼与庆祝创校 70 周年。当时的教育部长兼国防部第二部长张志贤准将为大会嘉宾。



Official Opening of Pei Chun Heritage Loft. The Guest of Honour was the then-Minister of State for MOE & MCYS, Mr Chan Soo Sen.


2004 3 Jul


The school held a concert “On Wings of Colour I” in the school hall to commemorate our 71st Founder’s Day. The Guest of Honour was Mr Wee Heng Tin, former DGE, who is also an ex-pupil of Pei Chun.

为庆祝 71 周年校庆,培群举办了“群彩飞扬I”文艺晚会-。当晚的嘉宾是前教育部提学司黄庆新先生,他也是培群校友。

2005 Mar


We were awarded the “Programme for School-based Excellence (PSE)” by MOE for Pei Chun’s Sports Talent Identification and Nurturing Programme.


29 May


The school celebrated its 72nd Founders’ Day with a Learning Carnival & Family Day.

为庆祝 72 周年校庆,培群举办“学习嘉年华与培群家庭日”。

22 Jul


The Official Opening of South Zone Centre of Excellence for Chinese Language by DGE, Ms Seah Jiak Joo


The only primary school to be awarded SAA in all 3 categories – Aesthetics, Sports & Physical Fitness.


2006 Mar Awarded “Programme for School-based Excellence (PSE)” by MOE for the 2nd time for Pei Chun’s Sports Talent Identification and Nurturing Programme.


14 Jul


Celebration of 73rd Founder’s Day, Official Opening of Pei Chun’s new Sports Hall and 12th Anniversary of Pei Chun Old Students’ Association. The official opening included the opening of the Alumni Room which is within the New Sports Hall. The Guest of Honour was Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, then-Minister of Education and Second Minister for Finance.

培群 73 周年校庆,新体育馆开幕及校友会创立十二周年志庆。于新体育馆内成立的校友会会所也同时开幕。当时的教育部长兼财政部第二部长尚达曼应邀为大会嘉宾,主持揭幕仪式。

The Pei Chun Old Students’ Association 12th Anniversary & Opening of Alumni Room Souvenir Magazine was published.


31 Oct


Awarded the Singapore Quality Class (SQC) award by SPRING Singapore.


Achieved Sustained Achievement Award for Sports and Sustained Achievement Award for Physical Fitness。


2007 26 Feb


Pei Chun Old Students’ Association was re-named as Pei Chun Alumni Association. At the same time, a logo for the Alumni Association was launched.


13 Mar


A Chinese Orchestra Public Performance was jointly organized by Pei Chun Public School and The Singapore Chinese Schools’ Conference (SCSC) at Victoria Concert Hall. The Guest of Honour was then-Minister of State for MND, Ms Grace Fu.

培群华乐团在维多利亚音乐厅举行公开演出“群韵初啼 2007 ”。此演出是培群与新加坡华校联合会联办。大会嘉宾为当时的国家发展部政务部长傅海燕女士。



The school was awarded the “Programme for School-based Excellence (PSE)” by MOE for the 3rd time for Pei Chun’s Sports Talent Identification and Nurturing Programme.


26 May


We celebrated 74th Founders’ Day with a Learning Fair & Family Day.

培群举办“学习展与培群家庭日”以庆祝 74 周年校庆。

11 Jul


The Official Opening of South Zone Centre of Excellence for Sports (SZ COE for Sports). The Guest of Honour was Mr Gan Kim Yong, then-Minister of State for Education and Manpower.


2 Oct MOE awarded Pei Chun the School Distinction Award (SDA), one of the top two awards given by MOE for its outstanding academic and non-academic achievements over the past years. The school also received the Best Practice Award (BPA) in teaching and learning.

培群获颁由教育部发出的优异学校奖及最佳治校奖(教与学)。这两个奖项肯定了校方与教育伙伴在为学生提供优质教育方面所作的努力。要获得优异学校奖,学校 必须拥有优良的教学方法,在学术、体能、美育、社会与道德教育及领导能力方面都取得佳绩。换言之,培群获得优异学校奖这项殊荣,不仅是在促进学生的全面发 展方面获得教育部的肯定,近年来卓越的小六会考成绩也获得教育部的认同。今年,培群也获颁三项持恒成就奖(美育、体育、体能)。

2008 12 May


The school celebrated its 75th Founder’s Day Celebration through a Time Capsule, sealed by Dr Chau Sik Ting (BBM), Chairman of the School Management Committee.

七十五周年校庆活动之一: 于教学楼置放时间囊,由培群董事部主席,赵锡盛医生( BBM )主持仪式。



The school was awarded the “Programme for School-based Excellence (PSE)” by MOE for the 4th time for Pei Chun’s Sports Talent Identification and Nurturing Programme.


26 Jun


We celebrated our 75th Founder’s Day with a concert “On Wings of Colour II” at the University Cultural Centre. The Guest of Honour was the then-Minister for Education and Second Minister for Defence, Dr Ng Eng Hen.

七十五周年校庆活动之一: 演出“群彩飞扬II”于国大文化中心举行。晚会嘉宾是教育部长兼国防部第二部长黄永宏医生。

2009 18 May


Dr Chau Sik Ting, BBM, Chairman SMC, launched the school’s new Mission & Vision during the 76th Founders’ Day on 18 May 2009. The new mission and vision reflected the belief and aspirations of the key stakeholders to provide a holistic and bilingual education for our pupils.
Mission : Provide a holistic education to nurture responsible citizens and enhance bilingualism to maximise potential
Vision : Passionate and Cultured Learners ; Proactive and Caring Leaders.培群董事会主席赵锡盛医生(BBM)在培群 76 周年校庆日上,发布“使命和宏愿 2009 ”的办校方针。此方针为培群的提升和扩展策略进行了重新定位。使 命:提供五育俱全的教育,培养富有责任感的公民;提升学生的双语水平,全面发挥个人潜能。宏愿:好学、优雅、有文化。积极、主动、有爱心。培群栽培的学 生、培群栽培的领袖。


All pupils, with the help of our Parent Support Group, set a record in making the ‘Largest Logo Made From Heart-shaped Messages’ on the Singapore Book of Records in celebration of Teachers’ Day in 2009. A total of 2,218 heart-shaped messages were painstakingly decorated and built around the theme ‘My Teachers, My Inspiration’ to form the logo.

为了庆祝 2009 年教师节,所有学生在培群家长会的组织下,制作了一个承载了学生心愿的心形卡片,并组成一幅巨大的培群校徽图案,创下新加坡之最。共计有 2218 张主题为“我的老师, 我的心愿”的心形卡片,被精心地设计在校徽图案上。

The SMC initiated the annual Sports Boy and Sports Girl Award scheme with support from the Palm Island Club to recognise pupils who have done the school proud through outstanding achievements in sports and games. In addition, the awardees must also have demonstrated exemplary conduct, good sportsmanship and qualities such as resilience, teamwork, creativity and the drive to excel.


4 October


Toa Payoh Sensory Park was officially adopted by Pei Chun Public School on 4 October 2009 in collaboration with the Housing and Development Board.

2009 年 10 月 4 日,培群与建屋发展局合作,领养大巴窑感官公园,扩大了培群学生的社区服务教育计划。

13 Nov


The 2009 Singapore-MOE and China-Beijing Haidian District Education Roundtable Forum saw School Leaders from both Singapore and China-Beijing network and collaborate to bring about quality leadership and innovations to the education systems. The key theme was to examine the role of education from a global perspective as well as the opportunities and challenges faced by School Leaders. This forum held in Pei Chun Public School on 13 Nov 2009 was attended by Deputy Director (DDSS), Superintendents and Principals from the South Zone.

教育圆桌会议由来自新加坡和中国北京的校长们相互交流与合作,探讨高层次领导和创新的教育体系。这次会议的主题是:“教育在全球化中的角色,学校领导的机 遇与挑战”。会议于 2009 年 11 月 13 日在培群举行,出席会议的有中国北京市海淀区教育委员会的领导,新加坡教育部助理理事长、校群督导和南区校群的校 长们。

2010 13 March


A Youth Wing under the Alumni Association was officially set up and announced by Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon, then-Minister of State for MCYS and the Guest-of-Honour at the Alumni Home-coming Dinner held on 13 March 2010. The idea of having a Pei Chun Network was first mooted by Mrs Yu-Foo during the dinner and a web link was subsequently launched during the 77th Founders’ Day Celebrations in 2010.

2010 年 3 月 13 日,培群校友会举办了“校友回校日”晚宴。当晚,晚宴贵宾:会务顾问、社会发展、青年及体育部政务部长符喜泉女士,宣布成立培群校友会青年团。

25 April


To commemorate World Earth Day, the school jointly organised ‘Pei Chun Earth Day @ Toa Payoh Sensory Park’, a community outreach programme, with Toa Payoh Central CC Zone 1 RC on 25 April 2010. This event made it a day of action for Pei Chun student leaders to inspire awareness and appreciation for the World Earth Day among the residents in Toa Payoh.

为配合世界地球日,培群与大巴窑中民众俱乐部、第一分区居民委员会于 2010 年 4 月 25 日,在大巴窑感官公园共同组织了“培群地球日”的社区服务计划的活 动。此活动由培群的学生领袖去倡导和激励大巴窑区的居民,通过“世界地球日”的活动,增进居民对环境保护的认识。

21 May


At the 77th Founders’ Day Celebration, the Guest-of-Honour, Mrs Josephine Teo, Member of Parliament for Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC and Advisor to Bishan-Toa Payoh GROs, initiated the book project “Memories of Pei Chun” and officially launched the “Pei Chun Network” on 21 May 2010. This book is filled with stories that depict the Pei Chun spirit from the SMC and Alumni while the “Pei Chun Network” is a website designed to connect the stakeholders and strengthen our identity. Five members of SMC were presented with the Service to Education Award in recognition of their exceptional contribution and commitment to education service.

在 77 周年校庆上,碧山-大巴窑集选区议员杨莉明女士为培群主持了“群心相系”网页和 77 周年纪念特刊的启动仪式。此特刊记载了董事和校友的事迹,通过他 们的故事,详述了培群精神。同时,“群心相系”网页的启动,更加深了培群大家庭之间的联系。本校 5 位董事也在庆祝会上荣获教育部颁发的“长期服务奖”,表 扬他们在服务教育方面的杰出贡献。

8 July


Concert Night @ Pei Chun was held on 8 July 2010 to showcase the diverse artistic talents of pupils from the Choir, Chinese Orchestra, Chinese Dance and Concert Band. They were joined by an 81-member Chinese Orchestra troupe from Cui Wei Primary School, a sustained Gold Award winner in Beijing. The concert also recognised the effort and hard work put in by our pupils, teachers-in-charge and instructors in attaining remarkable achievements at the Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging 2010.

2010 年 7 月 8 日举办的培群音乐晚会,展示了我校合唱团、华乐团、华族舞蹈团、铜乐团成员多彩多姿的艺术才能。本校“结谊计划”伙伴-北京翠微小学81 位华乐团成员也在当晚参与了演出。此次晚会也是对我校艺术团体的学生、负责教师、指导教练在 2010 年新加坡青年艺术节比赛中,所付出的辛劳和取得的优异 成绩的肯定与认可。



The Heritage Walkway was open by Dr Chau Sik Ting, BBM, PBM, Chairman SMC at the 78th Founders’ Day.  This Heritage Walkway is a poignant reminder to our students on the hardships and challenges endured by our founding fathers as they built Pei Chun.

庆祝 78 周年校庆当天,董事部主席赵锡盛医生(BBM, PBM)为我校思源郎揭幕。思源郎提醒着我们建校的先贤们在培群挣扎求存的艰难时期,如何秉持着贡献社会之责任,以坚强的毅力,义不容辞的坚持,力挽狂澜,让培群摆脱困境。

11 May


The school celebrated its 79th Founders’Day on 11 May, with the launch of the Di Zi Gui Walkway by Dr Chau Sik Ting, BBM,PBM, Chairman SMC.  This Di Zi Gui Walkway highlights the traditional yet timeless values that the school would like to instill in our students.

培群董事部主席赵锡盛医生(BBM, PBM)于 5 月 11 日,培群 79 周年校庆庆典上,为弟子规长廊揭幕。学校通过此长廊为学生灌输正确的价值观,让他们懂得在日新月异的社会中,也永远怀着一 颗感恩的心,回报家庭、母校和社会。

2013 2013 was an especially special year for us and a huge milestone in the history of Pei Chun.
2013 was when we turned 80. Not many schools can boast of such a long heritage and with 80 years of a rich history and tradition behind us, the school embarked on a series of events to celebrate our 80th anniversary.
The theme for the year-long celebration was “Together, Celebrating the Pei Chun Legacy, Building the Pei Chun Future”.2013 年,是培群校史中一个重要的里程碑。
这一年,我们庆祝建校 80 年。师生们以培群拥有悠久历史及优良传统文化为荣,开展了一系列庆祝建校 80 周年的活动。
校庆主题为“培德树人,八十春秋育桃李; 群心齐力,百年基业向未来”。
27 Feb – 1 Mar

2月27日 – 3月1日

The school went through an external validation exercise conducted by the School Appraisal Branch, School Division, Ministry of Education.
The school was awarded 2 Best Practice Awards (BPA): one for Teaching and Learning, and another for Staff Well-Being.
The school was also accorded the School Distinction Award.(SDA)学校通过了由校外评估团进行的校外评估。
26 April


“Togetherness – A Celebration of Talents” was an Art Auction and Exhibition which kicked-off our celebrations for the year. Our staff and pupils put up artworks and craft for sale and that was to raise funds for the future upgrading programme the school is bound for. Even the Principal, Mdm Ler Jia Luen, personally created 4 paintings of orchids for sale. One of our beloved Chinese teachers, Mdm Ng Gim See, a fine artist by most rights, contributed many of her artworks which fetched huge contributions.

掀开校庆活动序幕的是艺术展览暨拍卖会。会上展出了培群师生的艺术作品,拍卖作品所筹得的款项将用于建设培群新校舍。拍卖的作品中包括吕佳伦校长亲手绘画 的四幅胡姬花水彩画。我校备受爱戴的黄锦丝老师也献出她的许多画作,其美术造诣高超的画作在拍卖会上筹得了极高的款项。

10 May


Founders’ Day was commemorated in school with many members of the School Management Committee in attendance as guests. As the Guest of Honour, our Chairman, Dr Chau Sik Ting, did the honours of planting a nutmeg tree in the school compound. He then opened the National Education Walkway which essentially was a series of montage and display, making use of the ‘Third Teacher’ concept to educate our pupils in the Singapore story.


11 May


Together with the School Management Committee, the Alumni and the Parent Support Group, the school hosted a dinner in the School Hall. Our Guest of Honour was Mr Lawrence Wong, Acting Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information. As preceded by Dr Chau Sik Ting, Mr Wong also planted a cinnamon tree within the school compound before he officiated at the dinner.

在学校董事会、校友会和家长会的支持下,培群举办了盛大的校庆晚宴。文化、社区及青年部代部长兼通讯及新闻部高级政务部长,黄循财先生受邀为晚宴贵宾。黄部长在校园内栽种了一株桂树,象征“生机”,以配合庆祝校庆 80 周年的主题。



Inspired by how our founders worked at leaving a legacy for new generation , the school invited alumni to our Assembly Talks to regale our pupils with stories from the past. Alumni who did us the honours include Ms Tan Chew Hua, a reporter with the Chinese press, Mr Yeong Chan Kong, a teacher at Dunman High, Mr Chew Chor Meng, a Mediacorp artiste and Ms Candilin Lee, a Singaporean residing in Japan.

为传承前人为下一代建立培群传统的做法,校方邀请校友回校分享他们在培群的美好回忆。《与培群有约》的校友嘉宾包括报馆记者陈秋华、德明政府中学教师杨振光、新传媒艺人周初明及旅居日本的 Ms Candilin Lee。

3 October


During PE lessons, every one of our pupils walked 80 m to do their part in our celebrations. Our Primary 6 pupils formed the figure ‘80’ at the Parade Square on Children’s Day and our pupils brought to fruition a project with the Lighthouse School located at Toa Payoh Rise. Our pupils recorded their readings of Chinese stories in ipods and these were donated to the pupils at Lighthouse.

为让每名学生参与 80 周年校庆,学生在体育课中进行了 80 米行走活动。同时,全体小六学生在培群广场形成“ 80 ”的图案。培群也为灯塔学校的学生录制华语有声书。故事录音下载至热心家长赞助的播放器内,让灯塔学校的学生可以随时聆听。



To wrap up the year, a limited edition Coffee Table Book was published to place on record the legacy of our founding fathers. The pictures in the book captured the history of the school and brought together pleasant memories for our staff and pupils who have so much to remember the school by.

学校出版限量版的《培群 80 周年纪念特刊》,作为校庆活动的总结。这本照片集呈现了培群 80 年来走过的路,为所有关心培群的人带来许多美好的回忆。

2014 May


The school celebrated Founders’ Day with the theme – Engaging Hearts, Shaping the Pei Chun Future.

学校迎来 81 周年校庆。 “春风化雨齐献力”的校庆主题活动贴切地反映了培群的精神――奉献与感恩。

28 November


The Singapore Hainan Hwee Kuan and the World Federation of Hainanese Associations launched an art exhibition at the National Library. A portion of the proceeds was given to the Pei Chun Public School, school-building fund.

新加坡海南会馆与世界海南乡团联谊会假国家图书馆联合举办《2014 世界海南书画作品交流展》。售出画作之款项部分捐赠作为培群建校基金。

2015 13 April In collaboration with the SMRT, the school adopted the Toa Payoh MRT Station.

参与新加坡地铁有限公司的社区服务计划, 认养大巴窑地铁站。

16 May Celebrated SG50 and 82 years of the Pei Chun legacy via a Founders’ Day dinner held at the School Hall.
The theme of the celebration was ‘Celebrating SG50 and 82 years of the Pei Chun Legacy’. Dr Ng Eng Hen, Minister for Defence was our Guest-of-Honour. These items were launched at the dinner – The SG50 Food and Heritage Trail – ‘Our Story – In the Lorongs of Toa Payoh’, its accompanying publication and website, four limited-edition MRT cards which were designed by our pupils – ‘City in Celebration’ and the sequel to the Hainan Heritage Book which features prominent Hainanese in Singapore.在学校礼堂举行校庆晚宴,以庆祝建国 50 周年和培群 82 周年校庆。校庆主题为“培德树人,群欢庆。齐家建国,贺金禧。国防部长黄永宏医生受邀为晚宴贵宾。在晚宴上也同时为以下项目进行推展仪式:建国 50 周年美食与文化之旅“穿街走巷——大巴窑的故事”及相关刊物和网站;四张限量出版、由学生设计的易通卡“全城欢庆”以及记写新加坡海南族群杰出人物的第三本《世界因你而精彩》。
17 May & 23 May SG50 Food and Heritage Trails – ‘Our Story – In the Lorongs of Toa Payoh’.

举办建国 50 周年美食与文化之旅“穿街走巷——大巴窑的故事”

14 May Pei Chun celebrated her 83rd Founders’ Day via a dinner held at the School Hall. The theme of the celebration was ‘Embracing The Next Phase’.

培群在学校礼堂举行校庆晚宴,以庆祝培群 83 周年校庆。校庆主题为“喜迎乔迁,蓄势待发”

2016 16 May Celebrated 83 years of the Pei Chun Legacy with a dinner at the School Hall. The theme was “Embracing the Next Phase” signalling our readiness to move to our holding site at 580 Toa Payoh East.


18 Nov On Friday 18 November 2016, Mdm Ler Jia Luen handed over the leadership of the school to Mr Lim Meng Wei. Mdm Ng Siew Huang, Vice-Principal of Pei Chun Public School retired from service.


5 Dec Pei Chun Public School started operation at our holding site at 580 Toa Payoh East.


2017 13 May Celebrated 84 years of the Pei Chun Legacy at the School Hall of our holding site. The theme was “Celebrating the Past, Embracing the Future” Our Guest-of-Honor was Mr Saktiandi Supaat, Adviser to Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC Grassroots Organisation.


2018 12 May Commemorated our 85th anniversary with the theme, ‘Cherishing our Past, Charting our future together’, 饮水思源, 不忘初心 ; 携手同行, 与时俱进. Our Guest of Honour was Mr Chee Hong Tat, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Trade and Industry and Ministry of Education.
The revised School Vision, Mission and Values was launched.
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