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Nominations for Staff

Staff Appreciation and Recognition 对教师/非教职员工的认可及感谢

As part of our school efforts in promoting “Appreciation & Gratitude”, we would like to invite students/parents/guardians to share with us ways in which the teacher/support staff has:

  • shown care and concern for you or your class (or your child/ward);
  • demonstrated great passion, or motivated you (or your child/ward) in the subject that he/she is teaching;
  • provided great support and service; and
  • partnered well with you in nurturing your child/ward together.

You may wish to submit your nomination at!/5d629c32a68fc6001253673b

Thank you for your nomination.


  • 对你或你的班级(或您的孩子/您监护的孩子)所给予的关怀;
  • 充满热忱,或激励你(或您的孩子/您监护的孩子)认真学习他/她所教授的科目;
  • 提供了很大的支持和很好的服务;
  • 与您合作无间,共同培养您的孩子/您监护的孩子。



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