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Innovation & Information Communication Technologies

14 June 2021


To prepare for an innovation-driven future, the Innovation and ICT department aims to nurture creative and innovative individuals grounded in sound values, growth mindset and a future-oriented outlook. These are important attributes for our students to be equipped with in order to stake their claim and carve out new frontiers for themselves in the global economy.

Information Communication Technologies (ICT) is a supporting platform which all departments ride on to provide a holistic education to the students in Pei Chun Public School. This is an important enabler in promoting innovation in our school.

Innovation programmes in Pei Chun is conceptualised, planned and implemented to achieve these objectives:

  • Making the school experience positive
  • Making the school curriculum purposeful
  • Making teaching and learning progressive

In Pei Chun, we develop and align our activities and programmes by creating supportive structures that promote school improvements through collaboration works across the different departments. This also encourages our staff to develop innovative programmes. One of our key signature programmes, the Bilingual Media Studies Project (BMSP) is our school-wide project work initiative.

Broad themes, which cut across subjects such as English Language, Chinese Language, Social Studies and ICT skills are used to bring the various aspects of the curriculum together, helping our students, see the interconnectedness of their learning. Students are then encouraged to use resources that go beyond the textbooks, to work collaboratively, to think critically, creatively and independently and to communicate their findings. This will help students to construct a better network of knowledge and skills for the 21st century.

In Pei Chun, we have our 4 “I” Innovation Framework which is developed by integrating Design Thinking and Problem Solving skills. There are four stages of problem-solving skills in our PCPS Innovation Framework. They are:

  1. Identify the Problem
  2. Ideate Alternatives
  3. Implement the Best Strategy
  4. Improve on the Solution


The innovative programmes in Pei Chun aim to provide students with the environment that supports and encourages innovation. It is delivered to develop in our students, different skill set, experiences and perspectives to encourage creativity and new ways to do things. The integration of curriculum and co-curriculum and the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) help students strengthen and develop their innovative skills by encouraging student inquiry and experimentation, and greater ownership of their own learning process.

Innovation & ICT Curriculum Supporting Bilingual Media Studies Project (BMSP)

The department supports BMSP that uses various subjects and ICT skills to bring the various aspects of the curriculum together, helping our students see the interconnectedness of their learning. The department works with the other departments to provide students with learning experiences in coding. Through the coding lessons, students are encouraged to go beyond the textbooks to work collaboratively, critically, creatively and independently to communicate their findings, to construct a better network of knowledge and skills for the 21st century.

Enrichment and ChangeMakers Programme

The enrichment programme is categorized into two categories. They are Passion Pursuit Programme (PPP) and Talent Development Porgramme (TDP). Students who are passionate in their interest areas are supported with our enrichment programme to sustain their enthusiasm and discover the joy of learning. To nurture students to be creative, innovative and practical problem-solvers as part of the 21st century competencies, ChangeMakers Programme such as PCPS Creative Toys Competition, Student Suggestion Scheme and Innovation Workshop are organised.

Cyberwellness Education in Pei Chun

While encouraging our students to be technologically savvy, we also recognise the importance of educating our students to be discerning and responsible ICT users.

We have termly customised cyber-wellness (CW) programme based on MOE Cyber Wellness framework, with the objective to educate our students to “Sense, Think and Act” responsibly in the cyberspace.

Our programme aims to inculcate important cyber wellness principles in our students through topics like addiction on games, copyright issues, cyber bullying, dangers with cyber contacts, handling inappropriate content and netiquette. These topics are integrated into ICT lessons at different levels, assembly talks, interactive drama and Cyber wellness quizzes etc.

Infusion of Baseline ICT Standards & New Media Literacies Skills (NMLS) into various subjects

Baseline ICT Standards and New Media Literacies Skills are integrated with various subjects to make learning more effective, engaging and interesting for our students. Through this integration, opportunities are provided to enrich students’ learning, communication and problem solving skills through the effective use of technology.


The assessment is in the form of artefacts or performance tasks completed by the students. The students’ ability to produce artefacts and performance are a measure of competencies levels the students have achieved.

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