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Home-Based Learning

Updated 28 June 2021.

Home-Based Learning Overview

The purpose of our school’s Home-Based Learning (HBL) programme is to ensure that our students continue to learn and mitigate the loss in curriculum time during school closure. Our HBL programme covers both academic and student development domains (e.g. CCE); and both examinable and non-examinable subjects to provide a holistic learning experience for our students while they learn from home.

HBL assignments can include both online and offline assignments. Every child will have up to 4 hours of HBL each day. Each day will comprise of:

Offline learning (2 hours)
– Worksheets
– Workbook Exercises
– Art/PE activities
– Other activities that do not require the  use of devices
Online learning (2 hours)
– Student Learning Space (SLS)
– Google Classroom
– Videos
– Face-to-Face Video Conferencing

School Support Available

General Support 

Please contact your child’s Form Teachers should you require support in the following matters:

• IT support (e.g. Loan of Laptop)

• Additional support for those working in essential services or unable to  secure alternative care arrangements

• Student care arrangements with our School’s Student Care Centre

Social-Emotional Support 

  • Form Teachers & Subject Teachers will also continue to provide social-emotional  support for the class.
  • Students are encouraged to approach their teachers on any challenges faced. Form Teachers or Subject Teachers may also prearrange with parents to make video-calls to check on the students’ well-being.

Pei Chun HBL Guide

Click here to access our Pei Chun HBL Guide.

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