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The Pei Chun Public School Cyber Wellness Framework focuses on developing the pupils’ instinct to protect themselves and empowering them to take responsibility for their own well-being in cyberspace. This framework highlights the school’s four core values anchoring the Cyber Wellness principles which are decoded by the pupils through a 3-step process.

The 3-step process (Sense, Think and Act) serves to highlight the stages that a pupil should undergo to prepare themselves to self-manage in cyberspace.  The process is guided by two main principles – “Respect for Self and Others” and “Safe and Responsible use”.

At the core of the framework lies the school’s four values (礼, 义, 廉 and 耻) being the foundation of the pupils’ character behind the principles for their actions in cyberspace.

The gold colour indicates a secure and safe cyberspace created by our pupils. A rainbow-coloured glow signifies that every single pupil plays a part in creating the safe cyberspace.

The different programmes for Cyber Wellness are designed based on the framework to nurture pupils to be responsible and considerate users in the cyberspace.

Cyber Wellness and School’s four core values


Applying the rules of courtesy and maintaining the same standard of behaviour online

Respecting others online by being polite

Respecting others’ privacy

Avoid sending messages when one is angry



Lending a listening ear to friends who need help in Cyberbully and report the issues to a trusted adult/authority



Checking of the website’s terms and conditions before copying, downloading, hyperlinking any materials from the website

Seeking written permission for the use of materials found online



Giving credits to the sources by acknowledging or citing them appropriately when using materials from the public domain



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