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COE Sports

South Zone Centre Of Excellence (COE) for Sports

Pei Chun Public School was officially appointed by the Ministry of Education as the South Zone (SZ) Centre Of Excellence (COE) for Sports in July 2007.  This was the second COE for Pei Chun, the first being SZ COE for Chinese Language (in 2005).

Pei Chun Public School sees sports as integral to the holistic education we provide in our schools. Sports develop pupils’ wellbeing and social and emotional skills such as teamwork and self-management. The children grow in resilience and discipline. These skills, and habits of active and healthy living, form a sporting attitude that pupils take with them when they graduate. These are essential lifeskills and habits which will serve the pupils well in life.

As the COE for Sports, our school is able to share its expertise and resources in Sports with other SZ primary schools. Through the provision of sports clinics for SZ school pupils and the sharing of resources such as the school indoor training facilities, the school aims to encourage greater participation in sports. In addition, the school works closely with schools and sports associations such as the Volleyball Association of Singapore (VAS) on improving skills and identifying talents in sports. By linking hands across many partners, we aim to contribute to the sporting culture in SZ primary schools.

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