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‘AStar for Character’ Best Class Award

When young children first enter Primary School, the differences between pre-school and primary school may prove to be a big challenge to them. These include bigger class sizes, bigger school premises, different physical and social environments, more subjects and longer school hours. Pupils also need to learn quickly to take care of themselves as well as others so that everyone can learn in a happy and safe environment.

The underlying belief in AStar For Character is that every child has the potential to shine and be an A-grader in their character. To motivate a child to develop the right values, tangible and intangible rewards should be given at the right time. Positive reinforcements such as praise and rewards will encourage positive changes in character and behavior, a first step towards developing self-leadership traits in our pupils.

(i) Through AStar For Character, teachers are able to:

(a)  Empower pupils and develop their character, forming the basis for the right values

(b)  Create a positive learning environment for the pupils

(ii) Through AStar For Character, pupils are able to:

(a)  Demonstrate positive character traits

(b)  Show improvement in their conduct

Part of our AStar programme is awarding the Best AStar Class for every month for both Primary 1 and 2.

For May/June, the Best AStar Classes were:

Primary 1:
Class 1/1 – Passion
Class 1/3 – Respect
Class 1/5 – Initiative
Primary 2:
Class 2/3 – Respect
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