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Sony Creative Toys Competitions 2015

Whizkid category (Group) Merit Awards
Commendation Award
Whizkid category (Group) Veteran’s Choice Award
Merit Award
Scizkid category (P3-P6/ Indivudal) Merit
School Award for producing the most shortlisted toys in Whizkid category (P1-P6)

Sony Creative Toys Competitions 2014

Whizkid category 1st
Scizkid category 9 Merit
Special Awards for Teachers 2 Diamond Award
1 Blue Ribbon Awards

Sony Creative Toys Competitions 2013

Whizkid category 1st
Scizkid category 5 Merit
Special Award for Most Number of Shortlisted Toys

1st National Mobile Trail Design Competition

Team 1: Led by Mdm Samantha Gooi
Ong Pei Xuan from 6C (2012)
Ong Xue Ann, Sarah from 6C (2012)
Wan Xiao Qing from 6C (2012)
Team 2: Led by Miss Joyce Lian
Briana Lee Bao Yu from 6G (2012)
Goh Lin Ferng, Pristina from 6G (2012)
Tan Lydia from 6G (2012)
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