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2016 Teachers Day

Teachers’ Day Celebration

1st September 2016

Teachers’ Day celebrates the significant role educators play in nurturing our young. At Pei Chun, the day began with a game session to encourage bonding among staff and pupils. Teachers and pupils formed teams according to their classes and they went through an obstacle course. The game provided an opportunity for teachers and pupils to foster positive teacher-student relationships and have some fun.

The Teachers’ Day Concert was the highlight of the day. There were performances put up by our talented pupils and these included a modern dance, songs, ballet and musical performances. Apart from the performances, teachers and pupils had a great time guessing the names of teachers during the game ‘Guess Who’ and ‘Guess Who Again’. Through the games, pupils got to know some of our teachers a little better.

The day ended on a sweet note when our teachers were presented with a personalised post-it stand with handmade art work done by our Student Leaders. The Parent Support Group (PSG) went an extra mile by providing some beautiful balloon sculptures and wishing tree which definitely added colours to the celebrations. Many teachers were spotted using the beautiful rainbow arch for photo moments with their classes and among themselves.

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