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2016 P4 Biodiversity Week

Biodiversity Week (Mon 16/5 – Fri 27/5) was a school event held in conjunction with the Leave No Child Inside programme (LNCI). During the week, all Primary 4 students learnt about the varied biodiversity around our school compound through quizzes, mini learning trips and personal reflection activities during curriculum time. Students were tasked to complete short activities during their trip and exploration of the various biodiversity.  During the mini trips, students got to look at the different species of butterflies in our school’s butterfly garden.

To support the students in gaining knowledge of the biodiversity around them, booths were set up at the Eureka Hub during recess for all pupils to learn a myriad of fun ‘plant’ facts. Students also crafted Haikus about Nature. Students were excited upon receiving the badges given out during the Biodiversity Week.

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