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2016 P2 Astar Incentive

This year, our pupils were treated to a trip to ACRES Wildlife Rescue Centre. A total of 80 pupils were selected from the Primary 1 and 2 pupils. This incentive trip was to reward pupils who have gathered a sufficient number of stars in the ASTAR scheme. The underlying belief in ‘AStar For Character’ is that every child has the potential to shine and be an A-grader in his character.

We organised two different sessions for the outings – one in the morning for our Primary 1 pupils and in the afternoon for our Primary 2 pupils. Our pupils were extremely excited to visit the Wildlife Rescue Centre.

Pupils were briefed on what the centre does. After the briefing, pupils went to an enclosure to take a look at some of the rescued animals like a giant iguana and many Indian Star Tortoises. They learnt that the centre is a non-profit organisation that rescues wild animals and helps to rehabilitate them. Pupils were taught how they can seek help if they happen to catch sight of any wild animals in captivity.

This trip was indeed a memorable experience for both pupils and teachers involved.

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