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2016 OPA

Prize Giving Day

On Thursday 17 November 2016, we celebrated the success of our pupils from P1 to P5. Parents of our Prize-winners reported to school as excitedly as their children, for it was indeed their moment of glory. Prizes awarded were the usual academic prizes as well as those for Best Conduct and Best Progress. In her speech, our Principal, Mdm Ler Jia Luen, stated that as long as everyone has put in their best effort, everyone is already a winner and she urged all to work harder to reach for the stars.

Graduation Day

On Friday 18 November 2016, our P6 pupils, together with their parents and our invited guests, attended the annual Outstanding Pupils Award Presentation and Graduation Day celebration. It was a heart-warming session as teachers and pupils exchanged their farewells. For the P6 cohort, they will be part of the history of the school in that they are the last lot of pupils to be at the current location of the school before the shift to our holding site. We wish our graduating cohort all the best in their future endeavours.

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