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2016 National Day

2016 marks the 51st anniversary of the independence of our Republic. The theme for this year’s National Day Parade (NDP) is “Building our Singapore of Tomorrow“. “Building” implies that nation-building is a continuous endeavour and that the journey towards our future can be realised with hard work. “Our Singapore” invokes in Singaporeans a sense of belonging and rootedness to the country and our future. “Tomorrow” is forward looking and connotes the start of the next chapter post SG50. Taken together, the theme is a call to action for Singaporeans to build our future together.

Pei Chun Public School celebrated our nation’s 51st birthday on 8 August 2016. During the solemn Observance Ceremony, members of the Scouts and Brownies CCAs marched in with the National Flag and the School Flag to embody the character, reflective nature and spirit of the National Day Parade and Ceremony segments. The National Anthem was sung and the Pledge recited before the audience took part in quizzes related to National Day and sang community songs. The theme song ‘Tomorrow’s Here Today’ was definitely a crowd-pleaser. The celebration ended with classroom activities that had been planned to ensure that the pupils have a very meaningful and engaging National Day.


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