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2016 Learning Journey

Primary 2 2016 National Orchid Garden

Event Title: Primary 2 Social Studies Field-based Learning


Date of Event: 23, 24, 30 and 31 March 2016

Venue: National Orchid Garden

在3月23,24,30和31日,公立培群学校二年级的同学们在新加坡国家胡姬花园进行了一场生动有趣的体验式学习之旅。同学们不但认识了新加坡国花——卓锦万代兰( Vanda Miss Joaquim ),各种各样美丽多姿的胡姬花也让同学们看得目不暇给。同学们参观了陈温祥雾室( Tan Hoon Siang Mist House ),岚烟楼( Cool House )和贵宾胡姬园( VIP Orchid Garden )。他们还有机会观察设在园中的计时器日晷( Sun Dial )。大家都在国家胡姬花园里留下了开心、深刻的回忆。这次的学习之旅,同学们真的获益不浅啊

Primary 3 2016

Primary 3 Learning Journey at the Marina Barrage

As part of the school’s efforts in engaging our pupils in inquiry-based learning and in line with our signature programme, ‘Leave No Child Inside’, all Primary 3 pupils embarked on a learning journey at the Marina Barrage in the last two weeks of Term 1. This learning journey integrated subjects such as English, Social Studies, National Education and Environment Education.

Our pupils learnt how they can play a part in keeping Singapore clean and green and how Singapore has used technology to ensure a sustainable supply of water.

At the Sustainable Singapore Gallery, pupils learnt through interactive and innovative multimedia how a small country with limited resources meets the needs of a fast developing community in an environmentally-friendly manner. The different galleries showcased how Singapore has developed into a mature city with a greater sense of environmental awareness.

It is our aim that the learning journey should evoke a sense of responsibility in our pupils so that they will each realise that they have a stake in keeping our environment clean and green and ensure that our water supply remain sustainable.

Primary 4 2016

Kampong Glam

Our Primary 4 pupils went on a learning journey to Kampong Glam on various Tuesdays. For many of them, it was the first time that they had been to the place and it was certainly an eye-opening experience for them. With the use of an interactive mobile device, they were given opportunities to make explicit meaningful connections between classroom experiences and the environment and hence fostering a greater sense of pride and belonging to our rich heritage.

Some classes were extremely excited when they were allowed into the newly upgraded Sultan Mosque. They learnt that the mosque is a focal point for religious, cultural and social events. They also learnt that the building of the mosque was from donations by the Muslim community. In addition to monetary contributions, the community also donated glass bottles, which were incorporated into the base of the dome.

To further explore the Malay culture and heritage, our friendly facilitators took the classes to visit shops that sell perfume, carpets, batik and tradition toys.

Throughout the learning journey, they were challenged with quizzes, take short video clips and photographs to confirm their understanding and to collate their findings.

Although most of them were tired by the time they reached the school, they agreed that it was an enjoyable and enriching trip.


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