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School E-Learning Day

Dear Parents / Guardians,

  1. E-learning for pupils during PSLE Marking Exercise (15 – 18 Oct 2018)

In view of the PSLE Marking Exercise on 15 – 18 Oct 2018 (Monday to Thursday), your child / ward need not report to school on these days. E-learning assignments will be provided for him / her and it will be available in the Student Learning Space (SLS) from 15 Oct 2018, 8.00 a.m. onwards. All pupils are to log in to the SLS accounts to complete their e-learning assignments.

  1. Log in to Student Learning Space (SLS)

Your child’s / ward’s login ID has been given to you previously. It is made up of his / her name and ID number. The login ID is made up of the first five letters of his / her name and last five characters of his / her ID. For illustration:

Pupil’s Name Pupil’s ID SLS Login ID (Cap sensitive)
Tan Mei Ling Sally T1234567G TANME4567G

If you are logging in for the first time, use the following default password:    SLSPCPS5602

At your first login, change the password (minimum eight characters with letters and numbers).

  1. Suggested timetables for pupils during PSLE Marking Exercise

Below is a suggested timetables for the pupils during the PSLE Marking Exercise to pace their online activities. The SLS lessons will remain available online after these stipulated timings.

For Primary 1 & 2 pupils

15 Oct (Mon) 16 Oct (Tue) 17 Oct (Wed) 18 Oct (Thu)
0800 – 0830 English Chinese Mathematics Mathematics
0830-0900 Chinese Mathematics Chinese English
0900-0930 Break
0930-1000 English

For Primary 3-5 pupils

15 Oct (Mon) 16 Oct (Tue) 17 Oct (Wed) 18 Oct (Thu)
0800 – 0830 Chinese Mathematics English Science
0830-0900 English Chinese Mathematics English
0900-0930 Break
0930-1000 Science Science Chinese Mathematics
  1. Support for pupils who do not have internet access at home

School computer lab 3 will be opened from 9.00 a.m. – 4.30 p.m. during these days to support pupils who do not have internet access at home. Pupils should come in their school uniform to use the computers in the lab. Please note that the canteen stalls will be closed on these days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on SLS

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