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Information Communication Technologies



Information Communication Technologies (ICT) is a supporting platform which all departments ride on to provide a holistic education in an engaging manner. The department aims to create an ICT-enriched environment for pupils to tap on ICT skills to develop higher order and interdependent thinking skills. This is done through integration of ICT into the curriculum, leverage on online ICT resources, a progressive programme for baseline skills and our cyber wellness programme. The department also supports our school key signature programmes such as the Bilingual Media Studies Programme and the Leave No Child Inside Project, which distinctively leverage learning on the use of ICT, integrating technology and innovation skills.


Integration of ICT into the Curriculum

Each department works the ICT skills into its curriculum so that learning is made more effective, engaging and interesting for our pupils. Through the integration, opportunities are provided all pupils to maximise their learning, communication and problem solving skills through the effective use of technology.

Online ICT Resources

The school leverages on both free and subscription based online LMS resources to make learning more accessible to parents and pupils. Through the use of LMS portal, pupils can make learning not only more engaging but also allows them to revisit lessons on their own.

Baseline skills

The Baseline Standards for ICT is used to ascertain that the comprehensive programme the school we drawn up for all pupils are relevant. Both the IPad and PC platforms are introduced to the pupils when they go to the computer labs for lessons. The programme is progressive in nature with the P1 learning touch-typing and gradually move on to the use of data collection, communication and media tools.

Cyberwellness Programme

While encouraging our pupils to be technologically savvy, we also recognise the importance of educating our pupils to be discerning and responsible ICT users. Our programme aims to inculcate cyber wellness principles in pupils through topics like addiction on games, copyright issues, cyber bullying, dangers with cyber contacts, handling inappropriate content and netiquette. These topics are integrated into ICT lessons at different levels, Assembly talks, interactive drama and Cyber wellness quizzes at recesses.


The assessment is in the form of the end products produced by the pupils in the course of the integrated ICT lessons. These end products are a measure of ICT competencies the pupils have achieved. With the completion of the end products, the pupils will be able to move to the next level of skills.

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