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English CIA


The six-year English curriculum in Pei Chun Public School aims to develop pupils to be confident and effective communicators of the English Language. It is aligned with the national syllabus, STELLAR curriculum and Pei Chun’s Teaching and Learning Framework. It is our philosophy that language is a means of communication guided by purpose, audience, context and culture; and hence language learning should be a meaningful and an engaging experience for our pupils.

There are various programmes which are differentiated to cater to the pupils’ learning needs, readiness and abilities during curriculum time such as Readers’ Theatre. Various skills such as communication skills, collaborative skills and thinking skills are incorporated in these activities to maximise pupils’ learning. Apart from curriculum time, pupils have opportunities to participate in external courses and competitions e.g. Speech and Drama course, Plain English Speaking Award, International Haiku competition and Scrabble competition.

The Strategies For English Language Learning And Reading (STELLAR) are used for developing pupils’ language skills and reading skills. The Department infuses cognitive skill into the English curriculum through the use of story maps, Know-Want-Learn (KWL) chart and graphic organisers. Pupils are exposed to language arts related activities like creative writing, literature-based lessons and drama during lessons.

Experiential Learning

One of the teaching approaches the Department adopts is through experiential learning. According to John Dewey’s theory of education, humans learn something from every experience and that such experiences influence the nature of one’s future experiences. The following are examples of level wide experiential learning through the STELLAR curriculum:
P1: Neighbourhood Walk Learning Journey (integration with NE/SS and BMSP)
P3: Learning Journey to Marina Barrage (integrate with LNCI)

Effective Oral Communication Programme

Being an effective communicator is one of the 21 st century skills expected of our pupils. We adopt a whole school approach in promoting effective oral communication.

At school wide: language games at Speakers’ Corner at recess, post exam activities e.g. Shoot and Tell project, and Language Arts Festival

At level wide: P1 and P2: Show & Tell and Jolly Phonics; P3 to P6: Readers’ Theatre; P1 to P6: MC Online Oral Buddy

Enrichment based: P1 and P2 PAL, Spelling Bee, Plain English Speaking Award

Reading Programme

Reading is an essential means from which pupils gain world knowledge, develop their fluency of ideas and improve their vocabulary in context. The following school wide extensive reading programme aims to develop in pupils a love for reading.
P1 to P3: Use of Graded Readers
P4 to P6: Use of Newspapers
P1 to P6: IREAD Programme and activities

The IREAD is a school wide reading programme through the joint curriculum innovation and collaboration by the three departments: English, Chinese and ICT. The programme consists of activity-based tasks to develop information literacy and media literacy competencies in a six-year curriculum.

Learning Support Programme (LSP)

The LSP is an early intervention programme which aims at providing additional support to selected Primary 1 pupils who are weak in the English Language and literacy skills.

Anchor Skills Practice in Reading and English (ASPIRE) Programme

An English support programme which is customised to meet the needs of identified Primary 1 to 3 pupils. Additional support in reading and English Language is given to these pupils to better equip them for classroom lessons that require reading and comprehension.


Apart from pen-and-paper assessments, Holistic Assessments (HA) are put in place to assess and monitor pupils’ progress in terms of their competency in language skills and knowledge. For each assessment, pupils will be assessed based on the four main language components of listening, speaking, reading and writing throughout the year.

Components Primary 1 Primary 2 Primary 3 Primary 4 Primary 5 Primary 6
Listening HA1 & HA5 HA1 & SA HA2 & SA2 HA2 & SA2 SA1 & SA2 SA1 & Prelim
Speaking HA1 & HA5 HA4 & SA HA1 HA1 SA1 & SA2 SA1 & Prelim
Reading HA3 HA2 & SA SA2 SA2 SA1 & SA2 SA1 & Prelim
Writing HA2, HA4 & HA6 HA3, HA5 & SA HA1, HA2, SA1 & SA2 HA1, HA2, SA1 & SA2 CA, SA1 & SA2 CA, SA1 & Prelim

SA – Semestral Assessment

CA – Continual Assessment

Prelim – Preliminary Examination

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